Sharing Your Journey

Congratulations! Your Journey to motherhood has officially begun. Virtual Baby Showers is excited to help share your Journey with your friends and family.  Everyone’s journey is different, but we all have the same end goal, to give birth to a healthy and happy baby. 

No matter what stage of your pregnancy you decide to start sharing your journey, Virtual Baby Showers is the perfect place to share it. We create a secure site that you can customize to make it represent you. There are so many updates and markers to share along your journey. The first sonogram, painting the nursery, seeing the heartbeat for the first time and so many more wonderful events.

Each and every little step you take on your journey to parenthood becomes a great memory. Virtual Baby Showers offers everything you need to record and share all the memories as you go and includes a digital keepsake so you can look back on your journey and share it with your child when they get older as well.

Keeping everything organized is really easy with our platform. Register today and begin sharing your wonderful journey with Virtual Baby Showers.