How to

Welcome to Virtual Baby Showers! We are excited to get started on creating your online shower.  Getting started is really easy and on this page we are going to lay it out step by step. First we will have to pick the package that’s best for you.

Next step is making your one time payment. Which is quick and easy, now you’re ready to start customizing your site! We will need you to pick a name for your site, something that is recognizable to your guests. We suggest the name of one expecting parent. This will make it all yours without making it difficult to remember. Once you have picked your name your site will be active and bring you to the Admin page. 

Now we can start customizing the look and content of your Virtual Baby Shower. Let’s pick a theme, there are 10 themes to choose from, the theme will affect your color scheme and the background of all your sites pages. Picking a theme is important to set a tone to your shower, but don’t worry you can change your theme at any time while your site is active! 

Once you have set your theme it’s time to start building in your content. If you have gone for Package 1 you can select the games you want to have for your guests to play. See our Games page to find out more about those options.

Getting started on your home page. We can add any title you would like, name your shower something straight forward like, (The Strowbridge Baby Shower) or something creative like, Jess’ Baby Safari! It’s all up to you. Next we can add a photo and a brief description of your event. These can also be changed at any time, you could use the test box for announcements such as a scheduled Video chat or even a counter where you let people know how far along you are, the options are endless.

Now we can decide what photos you would like in your Gallery. Baby pictures sent in by guests, family pictures of you and yours, sonogram photos. Any pictures or photos that suit you. 

Your gift registries. Everyone wants to know what the mother to be needs and to get the right things for your baby. Be sure to set up a gift registry at a few places and add your links to our gift registry page. Quick and easy to find them all in one place.

Now that you’ve sorted out your content it’s time to invite your guests. Send out the invitations through our site and get your shower rolling. After you have sent your invitations to your guests you will need to keep an eye on your own email. Virtual Baby Showers uses Required Sign in so you will need to give permission to access your site to those who sign in. 

You can edit and adjust your Virtual Baby Shower Website at any time during your shower. Customizing your site is really easy and customizing is a load of fun. Get started today, we look forward to celebrating this big life event with you.