Going virtual for your baby shower may seem like the most natural thing to do or completely an off the grid idea. You may find that you are on one side of the fence about this. So let us learn about how going virtual with your baby shower can be not just a benefit for you, but also for your guests.

Can I still have a reception in person?

First, having a baby shower online does not mean that you are choosing to not have a reception in person. The option is always there to do both and let each compliment the other. Having a platform to hold all of the content for your baby shower can lead to lower stress levels. It helps organize and keep all the information in one place. You can use your baby shower website to help spread key important details of your shower with your guests, without it getting lost in a ton of other social media posts, emails, or texts. Guests can always access the website and get the information quickly.

This platform is dedicated to your incoming bundle of joy. It is the central location where any of your guests can view posts, images, and messages just about your future child. No ads, and no notifications of the latest trending hashtag. Having a special place to share the cute details of how the baby is coming is just one of the ways you can let all of your guests know about the journey that you are on.

Connecting with friends with technology around the world
Connect online with friends around the world

Connect with other online services

Going online you can connect to any gift registry or chat service. Share the link and details if required to help your guests get online with you for the virtual call. There are a ton of different ideas of how you can incorporate traditional event games to the virtual video call. It will require a little more management of your skills. That is why having a resource which helps you organize yourself, will take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Why choose us?

The best part! By using Virtual Baby Shower you are getting a dedicated service from those who are serving just for baby showers. This is our thing. So when you are picking themes, it’s all designed for creating a match for trending baby themes, fun baby games, and the latest innovations in using technology to move your shower into the digital realm. You do not need to hire a web developer, or get on a paid monthly subscription. It is a one time fee which enables you to use the website with posts, gallery, messages, and much more. Click here to learn about features offered from Virtual Baby Shower

Hassle Free Customization

Take the hassle out of worrying about customizing your website through hard to use software or code. Just be logged in as the host, or one of the co-hosts (hosts can always add co-hosts to help add or modify content to the website), access the easy to find the administrative area. From there you can change any of the content on your website. Upload new photos to share with friends and family. Share updates about how the baby just gave its first kick! It is exciting, and sharing it with those you love can make the journey just that much more rewarding. Start today, learn more about having a virtual baby shower here.