Organize your Baby Shower

Surprise your guests with fun features and cute activities.

Your Own Website

We create your very own customizable website. All your sites content is easy to manage through our Content Management System. Have control over everything from approving who is allowed secure sign in to what messages and images are posted.

Included with Your Website

  • Hosting
  • Website Setup
  • Unique Sub-domain (subject to availability)
  • Customization of your website
  • Content Management System
  • Approve and Manage Content
  • Customized E-Invitations


  • Invite Friends to Co-Host
  • Secure sign in to your site
  • Baby Themed Games
  • Gallery
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Security

Customize Your Website

It starts with you picking a theme, click to see our gallery. We take care of the easy to navigate layout. Make it your own space by adding your images and text making it unique to your celebration. Too many themes to choose from? Don’t worry, the theme can be changed as many times as you want!

Create the perfect vibe to celebrate your pregnancy

Professional prefabricated layout to your website.

Not happy with your theme? That's okay, you can change it at anytime.

Adding or changing content is quick and easy.

Full control of your website via an easy to use Content Management System.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is important to us. That's why we use a 2048 byte SSL which comes with every package. Keeping your information, photos, and memories safe from prying eyes.

No Ads

Your website is free of any third party ads. There will be no banners floating around or any pop-ups!

Personal Data

Inviting your friends will not get them on email blast lists, and we do not sell your data to third party companies.

Required Sign-In (optional)

Add your friend's email addresses to the approved email list to allow access to the website. Learn More.

Activities for your Guests

You and your guests can enjoy baby shower games, photo gallery and more. Make it your central hub for all your baby shower activities, chats, registry and messages.

Create fun memories of playing games and competing with friends.

Find Games >

Post photos of your beautiful journey, connecting you with friends and family.

Let guests share in your journey through your gallery and leave well wishes in your guestbook.

Sharing any of your content to social media platforms.

Add links to your registries and allow your guests to get you the perfect gifts.

Manage Content with Ease

Our Content Management System is easy to use and will help you set up your website. Send e-invites, post messages and remove any unwanted content at any time. Enable secure sign in on your site to make it a private party.

Coming Soon: PDF Export of your website

At the end of your Virtual Baby Shower download your Digital Keepsake. This feature allows you to download a pdf that contains screen shots of every page on youe website.

Learn more >