Your very own Digital Keepsake Gift

A digital keepsake is the transferring of one form of media to another (like having those VHS family home videos put onto a dvd, or put onto a flash drive). Doing this allows us to preserve memories that would otherwise be lost. It allows us to look back and think fondly of growing up, major holidays and life events that have passed.

Virtual Baby Showers includes  a digital keepsake with every package. We offer a download of a .pdf that can be done at anytime while the site is active. Getting your digital keepsake is quick and easy. Simply go to your admin page and click the download keepsake button in the top right corner. Keep those memories forever and share them with your friends and family. 

You can download it at anytime so you can see the different ways you had the site set up during your shower, theme changes, different announcements and other changes you may make along the way. Sign up today and let’s start making memories together.