Baby Shower Games We Offer Online

Virtual Baby Showers offers a wide variety of games. We have taken a bunch of the classic baby shower games and converted them to online versions. Playing against family friends. We have trivia games, guessing games fill in the blank, word search and list it games! 

Baby in another language; a multiple choice trivia game where we give you a language and you pick out of 4 answers. You try and pick how you say the word baby in that language.

The Baby Animal Game; we will give you the name of the animal (eg, Wolf) and show you a picture of the baby animal. You tell us what the animal is called when it’s a baby.

Guess the Weight; guests will put in what they think the baby will weigh when he or she is born. Whoever is the closest to the right weight wins. Don’t be afraid to get specific (9lbs, 2oz). The winner of this game won’t be determined until the baby is born.

Guess the Date/Time; guests will guess when the baby will be born, date and time. The guest who guesses closest to the exact time wins. Be sure to be precise here as well (October 7th at 10:02pm). This game winner will also need to be determined after the baby is born.

Baby Facts; how much do you know about babies? Let’s put your knowledge to the test! Here we have collected a bunch of facts about babies and will give you multiple answers to choose from, let’s see who’s got all the facts with this trivia game.

Baby Items; there are so many different items and products for babies out now. Something to help with everything your little person will do and go through. How many can you name? Test your knowledge and your typing skills by listing as many items as you can in 60 seconds!

Nursery Rhyme Game; do you remember nursery rhymes? How well? We have taken classic ones and removed a word or two from them, see if you can fill in the blanks.

The Toy Game; we all remember our favourite toy growing up, but how many toys can you name? This list has some of the current favourites and the classics we grew up with. Including toys from the 40’s to present day. See how many you can name in 60 seconds. 

Word Search;  growing up doing word searches was a fun way to learn spelling. Classic word searches with an all baby theme. Find the baby themed words amongst the sea of letters.

All of our trivia games have a pool of questions, so you can play it again with a whole new set of questions. Activate your site today and start sharing your journey with family and friends all over the world. With this many games there is something for everyone!